Schedules All Your Inspections Easily
Tracks Units That Need An Annual Inspection
Can Handle Annuals, Complaints, Specials, No-Entrys,        No-Shows, Move-ins & Outs
Prints Inspection Reports & Letters (HUD 52580)
Keeps Track of Units with Failed Inspections
Automatically Reschedules an Inspection For a Unit
Tracks the Amount of Time an Inspector was at the Unit
Handheld Software
For Palm Handhelds, Pocket PC Handhelds or Tablet PCs
Collect Unit Detail Information
Record Unit Notes
Collect HQS Information Easily & Effortlessly
Collect UPCS Information (with HUD levels) Easily & Effortlessly
Record What Type of Work Order and Action for LR PH
Print REAC-Type Inspections Reports with Scores

Perform Unit Inspection History Inquiries
Show Properties by Landlord/Owner/Agent
Inquire on Daily Schedule
Shows Units Needing an Inspection
Shows Why an Inspection Failed
Shows Why an Inspector Could Not Enter a Unit
Shows Units With Completed Annuals

Why Use a Handheld Computer?
A Handheld computer increases the amount of time an Inspector spends out in the field and decreases the amount of time in the office.

The MLCP Handheld Inspection Software decreases the amount of time to perform an Inspection, process and print letters, reports, and Work Orders.

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