MLCP SACS Interface Software

Software Tool | Utility Software

  • Schedule & Track All Your Participant Appointments Easily
  • Interfaces Tenant, Unit, And Landlord Information from the SACS SQL Database
  • Extracts and Pulls Data Directly from SACS SQL Database into an MS EXCEL Spreadsheet
  • Creates an MS Excel File for Easy Interface to Other Applications.
  • Can Interface Directly with the MLCP PHA Handheld Inspection System
  • Can Interface New Certificates & Vouchers by Date Range
  • Checks Existing Tenants and Disregards Tenants with Expired Leases
  • Other Features Like Change Interfaced Data to All Uppercase or Lowercase
  • Interfaces or Extracts at a Click of your Mouse!
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Why Use The MLCP SACS Interface?

Haven't you ever wanted to pull data from your SACS database to do a special report or maybe a mailing and there is nothing in SACS that will allow you to do so? Now you can! With the MLCP SACS Interface, you can pull down anything you need into an Excel spreadsheet and produce all sorts of letters and reports. You can even change the case of the text. The MLCP SACS Interface can also be used you are migrating to another application. This opens up your database so that you can easily move the data or use the data for other applications. All the information is available to you in a click of a mouse.