PHA Maintenance Work Orders

  • A Software Tool that provides a better way to perform PHA Work Orders.
  • Uses Palm PDA computers - The Inspection Software is Self Loading and the Batteries can last a week
  • Or use a Tablet PC computer - Never go back to your office if you have wireless at your facility
  • Schedule & Track All Your Work Orders Easily
  • Can Schedule Single, Multiple, or Group Work Orders at one time
  • Appointments link directly to MS Outlook as you schedule
  • The Appointment System Checks Existing Appointments and Maintenace Worker availability and Alerts the User
  • Prints Schedules, Reports & Letters Automatically
  • Developed around one of the best methods to schedule, perform, and process PHA Work Orders.
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Why Use the MLCP PHA Maintenance Work Orders?

Because it decreases the amount of time it takes to Schedule and process a Maintenance Work Order. Scheduling and printing of Work Orders are automated. The Receptionist can easily notify Maintenance Staff when an Emergency request arrives by sending a message to the Maintenance Staff computer and cell phone. The Request pops up and requires a response on the Maintenance Staff's computer or requests a response on the Maintenance Worker's Cell Phone. All the Work Order information in available to everyone that is connected to the Work Order database so that you don't have to look for lost or missing files anymore. All the information is available to you in a click of a mouse.